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Dolce di Sale is a unique food experience for those looking to create & cultivate the good living thanks to the Italian kitchen. The great Italian cuisine is a ritual that must be experienced firsthand. That’s why we believe it is necessary to get your hands (really) dirty in order to evoke deep emotions.

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Pastry lessons

Do you browse through the pastry cookbooks and think to yourself that untangling yourself between creams, flours, doughs and oven is a long and tiring process? Or that only the great pastry chefs are capable of doing so …

The Dolce di Sale gym is created to find harmony with all those recipes that you love to eat or which you would like to make yourself. Step by step we will tell you the basic- and advanced steps to find satisfaction and that pinch of creativity that never fails in bakery.

Basic General Cooking Course for those who are passionate about cooking but are still beginners or for those interested in refreshing methods and techniques of the Italian tradition; in a path aimed at mastering the stove, while obviously having fun.

Preparing a good lunch or dinner can seem trivial, but that is not the case for everyone. For a good result in the kitchen, it is important to learn the basics. In this section, Dolce di Sale aims to teach you the techniques, rules and even some tips necessary to make your dishes special at all times.

Cooking lessons

Mise en Place

A good mise en place is said to be half the job.

With this French expression “mise en place” Dolce di Sale will indicate the creative and elegant path for the impeccable preparation of your table, adapted for a special occasion such as a holiday or an anniversary. For instance, you will find out what is necessary for a correct service and even how to customize it.

If performed with care and love, your mise en place will guarantee you great success. And add the recipes learned in our courses …

More than a course, this is a special gift: you at Dolce di Sale’s home or Dolce di Sale at your home?

Try to imagine: you are visiting or on vacation in Apulia, and you would like to taste some local and authentic specialties, prepared as tradition wants and made by native people. If you want you could also participate in the unique experience of shopping in the country market, buying bread made in a typical Altamura oven, in the company of the real insider who will then host you in his/her kitchen.
Or, have you decided to prepare a special dinner for your friends or relatives, but do you want to enjoy the evening, without being among the fumes and the unexpected (splashes of sauce …) in the kitchen? Or you simply prefer to take the Dolce di Sale courses at home. Dolce di Sale does this as well!


Home Restaurant

Walks on the farm

It is the perfect opportunity to get to know and appreciate an area even more, visiting companies and getting to know the artisans of taste, in the company of Dolce di Sale.

We will make itinerant walks to discover the origins of the local food and wine excellences, where we will discover the realization processes, the history and there will even be a small tasting.

The courses are aimed at professionals in the sector but also at those emerging or passionate about digital, marketing and social media.

Dolce di Sale intends to provide the most up-to-date tools with an approach to be able to promote themselves, develop new business practices through web strategies, learn about financing and benefits or simply update to keep up with the times. 

Food & Wine Marketing

Let’s Learn Together!

Dolce di Sale’s events tell the story of the Italian cuisine.
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Feed your passion for Italian cuisine while making new friends during our practical courses. In the meantime, some updates and advances …

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