Italianness is on the table!

“The way to the heart passes through the stomach”

While having fun, learn Italian recipes.

You will see how to make them. And we will do it together.

Home cooking: for passion, friendship, love and much more.

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About Us

Dolce di Sale comes from the passion for cooking, especially for the “eating well and with taste” of two women, who although different in character and origin, attracted each other like two magnets: a sunny one whose hands are always in the durum wheat, typical of its land, Apulia; and the other, creative and smart, born in the Alps, raised in the Venice lagoon and in love with a fellow countryman of the first one 😉

What We Do

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Pastry lessons

Do you browse through the pastry cookbooks and think to yourself that untangling yourself between creams, flours, doughs and oven is a long and tiring process?

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Cooking lessons

Basic General Cooking Course for those who are passionate about cooking but are still beginners or for those interested in refreshing methods and techniques of the Italian tradition…

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Mise en Place

A good mise en place is said to be half the job. Dolce di Sale will indicate the creative and elegant path for the impeccable preparation of your table, adapted for a special occasion such as a holiday or an anniversary.

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Food & Wine Marketing

The courses are aimed at professionals in the sector but also at those emerging or passionate about digital, marketing and social media.

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Home Restaurant
(not available at the moment)

More than a course, this is a special gift: you at Dolce di Sale’s home or Dolce di Sale at your home?

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Walks on the farm

It is the perfect opportunity to get to know and appreciate an area even more, visiting companies and getting to know the artisans of taste, in the company of Dolce di Sale.

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Let’s Learn Together!

Discover the secrets of Italian recipes and experience with us the warmth of typical Italian hospitality and lifestyle.





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Feed your passion for Italian cuisine while making new friends during our practical courses. In the meantime, some updates and advances …

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